Travel Accessories for Kids

Even in the best of conditions, traveling can be tough. Traveling with tired and cranky children can lead to even more stress. However, whether by car, plain, bus or train, learning to travel with a few kid-friendly essentials can help to make the ride a bit smoother for all.

Travel Pillows

Traveling can be exhausting for anyone, kids included. Packing along their own pillow can make it much easier for tired children to take a nap while on the road. Because they are available in a range of sizes, designs and colors, it is easy to find one that is gender neutral and just the right size.

Travel Blankets

Having their own blanket while traveling can help kids to feel more secure in less than familiar surroundings. This can calm cranky toddlers and allow for easier napping while traveling. Bring their own blanket from home or purchase a special travel blanket for special occasions, like a trip to grandma’s.

Kids Travel Bags

Packing a special bag just for your child will make them feel special and help get them excited about the trip ahead. Be sure to pack their favorite toys and snacks to prevent them from getting hungry and bored on long car rides. For planes, be sure that you pack foods that are travel friendly and will pass inspection, such as crackers and cookies.


Kid Designed Identification Badges

Every parent’s fear is to lose their child in a crowded place. Allowing your child to decorate his or her own identification badges can be a creative way to help your child feel safe as well as help to make sure that they understand the importance of not talking to strangers and staying with the group. These can be made from simple index cards and then pinned onto a child’s clothing.


Taga bike is a multi-functional urban vehicle that combines the benefits of an easy-to-use stroller and a safe child carrier bike.

taga bike

Taga bike is produced by the Dutch company Taga and was created to the highest standards, throughout four year process. The urban vehicle was developed in Netherlands where it is already a custom to use three wheeled bikes with large boxes or seats for carrying cargo and children.

Among the many benefits of using this bike are:

–      The possibility to use it to longer distances than a stroller

–      It is more easy to maneuver which makes it safer for riding with kids

–      It is eco and more cost effective than a car

–      It is suitable to use in any location whether indoors or out (bus, train or elevator).

–      It is easy to use even for those that doesn’t know how to ride a bike. The 3-wheel design lets you keep both feet on the pedals when you’re stopped.

Taga bike offers a fun experience for both parents and children with the strictest safety standards. It also has bright colors and unique design that increase the pleasure to use it.

Take care of your children’s shoes

Kids’ shoes go through a lot, from playground scuff marks and scratches to being soaked in the rain – and may even get lost along the way.

Take a few simple steps on shoe care and protection, and your children’s shoes will last and look better for longer.

1. Make sure they fit properly

Not only are ill-fitting shoes harmful to young feet that are still growing, they will also start to show signs of wear and tear much sooner.

A newly fitted shoe should be approximately a finger’s width longer than the longest toe. This will help to allow for growth and give space for the foot to move when walking.

Opt for natural materials such as leather for breathability, and make sure you check inside the shoe for seams or stitching that may cause irritation.

2. Protect them from the get-go

As soon as the shoes come out of the box (and before they go anywhere outside), you will need to give them a thorough spray to help safeguard against stains and splashes.

A general spray for leather will usually work for most materials, including suede, nubuck and canvas.

If your child’s shoes have natural leather soles, you can ask a cobbler to fit a rubber sole on top to prolong the life of the shoe.

Leather soles wear down far quicker than rubber ones and become more susceptible to possible damage from water underfoot.

3. Get ready for rainy days

If your kids and their shoes do get caught in the rain, do not be tempted to dry them quickly by the fire or radiator. Over time, this will shrink the leather and damage the fit of the shoe, making them unsuitable for young feet.

Instead, stuff with newspaper and allow them to dry naturally. A pair of wellingtons left near the front door or in a hallway is a clever way to avoid smart shoes going out in the rain.

4. Crank the labelling machine

Most schools have specific uniform requirements that include footwear, so you will probably find that every pupil has the same or a very similar pair as your child.

If your children’s shoes are suitably labelled, they are more likely not to get mixed up and lost. A label maker, adhesive name tags or a good old-fashioned black marker pen will do the trick.

At home, a peg system for wellies and trainers is a great idea for keeping pairs together when not being worn.

5. Maintenance is key

Year-round maintenance is the secret to keeping shoes looking better for longer.

Invest in a few basic polishes, brushes and sprays and a tin to store them all together. That way, it will be easier to keep to a routine of polishing shoes to keep the leather supple and moisturised.

For scuffs on leather, a good rub with polish should help considerably. With suede or nubuck try removing with a rubber eraser; for patent shoes, dab a tiny amount of nail polish remover (but always do a spot test first in an inconspicuous area).

Have a couple of pairs of laces handy for when one snaps, particularly for sports trainers and sneakers that take a little more rough and tumble than the average shoe.

Follow these simple steps and you may find you are not be spending so much money on replacement footwear.


Hats are the perfect accessory for kids to complement any look. Hats give perfect protection from the brutal dog days of summer. Sometimes, the best solution is a hat to fight off heat and the sun’s harmful rays. We have scouted twelve fashionable hats for little girls that are inexpensive and offer the best sun protection. I suggest buying several varieties and keeping them stored by your door, in your stroller, and in the car for use at a moment’s notice.

  1.  Beanies

Aww the sweet little knitted (or not) classic head cover is having its spotlight for quite sometime. You can either go for simple styles in basic colors, or have fun with the infinite number of designs, colors, beads/faux fur/sequins/studs appliques.

Styling tips:

 1) a classic black beanie can hide a bad hair day + pull together a cozy winter outfit.

2) A statement beanie (neon/bright colors, or cat-ears beanies) can instantly make an outfit more fun, quirky, edgy and cool.

2. Hats

The obsession in town right now is for wide brimmed hats, that somehow resemble witches’ hats, OR are a combo of the fedora + floppy style ones.

They instantly make an outfit more sophisticated and give that celebrity/star vibe to a look.


3.  Baseball Hats

Anytime. Anywhere. They can pretty much make anyone look trendy in a very effortless sort of way.

4. Faux Fur Hats



High-chair shopping might feel as daunting as getting your little one to sit still for a feeding, but choosing a chair you love is worth the effort. Just think about how many meals your munchkin will munch there — and how many hours you’ll spend in front of (and cleaning) that chair. To find a chair that sits right with you both, check out these high-chair shopping tips.


There are four different types of high chairs to choose from:

  • Hook-on high chairs, which clip right onto the dinner table
  • Kitchen-chair high chairs (also called booster seats), which attach to adult kitchen chairs
  • Basic freestanding chairs, which come with very few bells and whistles
  • Full-featured freestanding chairs, which can come with extras like toys, dishwasher-safe trays, and kits to convert the chair into a booster seat later on

You’ll also have a choice of materials:

  • Wooden high chairs look great, and the latest models are every bit as functional as their plastic counterparts, thanks to easy-to-clean finishes and lightweight designs.
  • Plastic or metal high chairs are extra light, fast to fold, and easy to move around the kitchen.


Prices range from about $20 for a hook-on high chair to about $400 for a top high chair with every extra imaginable. For around $70, you can get a nice-looking high chair with plenty of parent-friendly features.


Answer the following questions before you set out on your search:

  • How much room do I have? If space is tight, a chair that’s easy to fold and stash or a seat that attaches to your table or chair might be the way to go.
  • Do I want the high chair to match my kitchen decor? There’s nothing like a honking piece of plastic to un-sleek the look of those sleek granite countertops. Luckily, high-chair styles have come a long way, but if you can’t find one that looks pretty in your pad, choose a model that folds up easily so you can hide the thing after each feeding.
  • Who will do most of the high-chair feeding? If you and your partner plan on sharing baby-feeding duties, an adjustable high chair is a must. This way, the seat can simply scoot up (when your husband’s putting the “train” in the “tunnel”) and down (when you’re the one coaxing your sweet pea to eat peas).


Some of the top high chairs come fully equipped with extras that make feeding a breeze:

  • Storage baskets underneath for holding books, toys, and other distractions to keep your baby busy while you get cooking
  • Conversion kits so the high chair can grow as your baby does. Some top high chairs morph like magic (well, magic plus a screwdriver) into toddler booster seats. Helpful hint: Store the instructions in a designated drawer (along with the booklets for putting together the crib, stroller, and other baby gear).
  • Dishwasher-safe trays make cleanup a breeze. Make sure yours has a spill-resistant rim (for obvious reasons).
  • A reclining seat if your baby or toddler prefers to lean back while he dines
  • Vinyl seat covers for easy cleaning. Some are even removable and machine-washable. If you go with a cloth seat cover, get one that’s stain-resistant.
  • Adjustable height options, which let you tweak the chair to make it work best for you. Some require tools to adjust the seat height; others scooch up and down with a lever on the side.
  • Wheels or gliders to protect floors from scratches (make sure the wheels lock so the chair stays put when your baby’s in it).

Pregnancy and Fashion

A lot of women see pregnancy as a nine month sentence to the drab, ugly and neutral wardrobe. That, definitely is not so.
Being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t keep up with the trends and feel fashionable.
In fact, this is just the right time to pick out the trends you love and adapt them to your new body.
Here are a few tips that would help ensure that you stay sexy, fashionable and stylish even with a bulging tummy.

Choose fitted over bulky


It is only natural for you to want to choose bigger clothes to hide your size. But you need to apply the brakes there because bulky clothes actually adds to your size. Your best bet is to emphasize the features that aren’t expanding with snug-sleeves tops, skinnier pants, and button down shirts. Try knits that stretch and mold your form -there are sexy and feminine.

Turn to the opposite gender for help

pregnant men

Wearing a crisp men’s dress shirt and pair it with leggings is a perfectly sexy and comfortable style. You could also pair a fitted t-shirt or tank with jeans.

Add some color

pregnant 1


Color is an essential part of a modern maternity closet, so don’t limit yourself to just black and neutral tones. You would feel happier if your wearing clothes that aren’t drab. It would definitely lift your spirit.

Break out the accessories

pregnant cropped

The easiest way to add flare to an otherwise simple ensemble is to put on your accessories and jewelry. Try long dangling earrings and lariat necklaces to de-emphsize the fullness in your face. If you are going to be on your feet all day, throw on some cute open toe sandals or sling-backs. Sexy shoes can instantly perk up practically any outfit.

Don’t be afraid of those skinny jeans

pregnant cover

If you enjoyed wearing skinny jeans before you were an expecting mum, don’t be afraid to wear them now because you’re pregnant. Many maternity lines are now making stretchy, super comfy skinny jeans and leather leggings that would fit and flaunt your new curves.