The Secret to Healthy Baby Hair (0-5 Years)

  1. Oil your baby’s hair regularly

It is important to oil your baby’s hair every day.

Regular oiling improves the blood circulation and provides the adequate amount of moisture needed to the scalp and makes the flakes soften and non itchy.

This helps in clearing the cradle cap as it softens the flakes and nourishes the scalp making it easier to remove it.

It’s better to oil your baby’s hair the day before you give him/her a bath as this not only softens the flakes but also nourishes the scalp and baby hair.

2. Keep it clean

It’s best to wash your child’s no more than once in every 2-3 days.

Keeping the hair and scalp clean will not only help with the hygiene but also HELP IN AVOIDING UNWANTED INFECTIONS which can be caused due to dirty hair and skin.

3. How to use a conditioner

If your child’s hair is too curly and bushy then you might want to use a kid friendly conditioner after shampooing.

If there is lesser hair then just a drop will do.

This will help you tame tangles and maintain silky smooth hair for your child.

This also goes a long way in removing the flakes without irritating the baby as there are lesser tangles.


4. Handling wet hair

Having wet hair for a longer time is a sure shot way of getting cold for even adults.

So, it’s no different in your baby’s case.

When you are drying the baby’s head, care must be taken that you use only soft clean towels and you must be very gentle when you rub the baby’s head with it.

If you are too harsh then there is chance you’ll hurt the baby and damage the hair follicles on the head.

5. Styling your child’s hair

Use a soft brush.

Be as gentle as you can while you are combing.

Using a brush will not only smoothen the hair but help in removing the flakes easily.

You can also try some rockstar hairstyles on your kid, but make sure to be gentle with the scalp and the hair of the baby.

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