6 Stunning Eco-Friendly Nurseries

Baby won’t just be sleeping in his nursery; he’ll be playing, learning, growing and discovering there too, so you can expect he’ll put his hands (and mouth!) on just about everything in his sight. That’s why we love these environmentally-safe spaces.


Handmade crib

There are tons of smaller brands that sell unique, ecological cribs made with eclectic touches and craftsmanship and since a crib is one of the first nursery purchases you’ll make, we love the idea of having that one-of-a-kind artistry in the nursery. It’ll set the mood for the space and keep baby cozy.


Re-purposed furniture

That old bookcase that’s just collecting dust in your basement just needs a fresh coat of paint before it’s nursery ready. Finding a new home for furniture you already have cuts back on extra costs and tells a sweeter story. You can use it as a bookshelf (pictured) or a drawer-free dresser. Baskets can be used to store toys or extra diapers. Try a chemical-free paint that’s safe for baby to gum on.


Made-to-last must-haves

Using recycled wood and cardboard in place of the real thing  helps lower the impact these pieces make on the environment. Plus, you’ll end up spending less than you would on the real thing — and what’s not to love about that? You won’t even need to get rid of this stylish dresser; it’s made to grow with baby!


Biodegradable gear

This rocker from Monte is a microfiber chair that’s made from soy and plant-based foam. We love that not only is it eco-friendly but super comfy for the hours of baby rocking you’ll do.

Organic accessories

Here’s something you’ll love: You can go organic _and _local — all in one breath! Retailers in your neighborhood might sell sustainable goods, or you can shop for these made-to-order finds online, through shops like Etsy. It’ll feel good to know that something was made just for your baby — and you’ll feel good about supporting smaller, local shops.


Breathable wallpaper

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We love wallpaper in nurseries — especially when it’s done right. This cheery dot print looks great in a baby boy or girl’s room. When you’re considering fabrics, look for vinyl-, PVC-, POC- and VOC-free and breathable . It’ll keep mold and mildew out.

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