11 Car Seat Dos and Don’ts

Prevent common car seat buying, installation and usage mistakes with this simple list of dos and don’ts.


1. DO take your car (and its manual) with you when buying a car seat, and try installing a demo seat to make sure it fits.

2. DO ensure there’s a National Safety Mark on the seat, which tells you it complies with Canadian standards.

3. DON’T cross-border shop for a car seat. Laws and safety standards are different in Canada and the US, and the use of car seats bought outside the country is prohibited in Canada.

4. DO think twice about a second-hand seat—it may have been in a car crash, or it could be expired or about to expire. Almost all car seat makers require you to replace your car seat or booster seat after any crash—even minor fender-benders.

5. DO register your seat with the manufacturer right after you purchase it so they can let you know about any recalls or issues.

6. DO find a local certified car seat technician, car seat clinic or St. John Ambulance location and have your installation technique checked out. You have to be able to install your seats correctly every time, so learn from an expert.

7. DO make sure anyone who transports your kids follows the same safety rules—including grandma and grandpa.

8. DO use a thin receiving blanket, dish towel or brand-specific protective mat under your seat base if you’re worried about damaging your car’s upholstery.

9. DON’T use anything slippery, stiff or tacky, such as a plastic bag or shelf liner, between your car seat and vehicle seat—it could interfere with proper installation.

10. DON’T throw straps in the washing machine—it can weaken the material. Always check your manual for cleaning instructions. And if the straps are really gross, find out if you can order replacements from the manufacturer.

11. DO use your manual after dismantling the seat for cleaning (or any other reason) to make sure it’s put back together properly.

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Cute Halloween Costumes for Girls

Scarecrow Halloween Costume


Queen Elsa from Frozen Halloween Costume


Little Red Riding Hood Halloween Costume


Snow White Halloween Costume


Ladybug Halloween Costume


Jack Skellington Halloween Costume


Super Woman Halloween Costume


Thanks giving Turkey Halloween Costume


Queen of hearts Halloween Costume



5 Reasons Your Kid Should Not Have A Cell Phone

1. Privacy Concerns

You may be surprised to find out that only 61% of youth use privacy settings on their social media sites and 52% don’t turn off their location or GPS services. This leaves their locations visible to strangers.

But the scariest revelation to me was that 14% of children have posted their home addresses online.

And before you say, “OH my child would NEVER do anything like that, because we’ve had the “talk” with them; realize this study also revealed that almost 70% of the youth polled admitted to hiding their online activities. Add this to the fact that less than half of the parents are aware of what their child is doing online.

2. Regrets

So what exactly are the kids doing online with their smartphones? Since 1 in 4 teens are “cell-mostly” internet users, saying they mostly go online using their phone, parents need to realize this is their access to the online world. The phones really aren’t just for talking anymore. They are use for texting, surfing, social media, pictures, and yes even sexting.

1 in 4 use their phones primarily as a computer for online access, the other 75% use their tablets or other mobile device. So even if you think they’re not online because they don’t have a phone- ask yourself- do they have a tablet, an iPod, an iPad, a kindle? These need to be monitored just as heavily as smart phones.

3. Cyber-Bullying

This should probably be at the top of the list because the results of cyber-bullying can lead to a lot more than regrets, job-loss or embarrassment. It can lead to Death!

Wikipedia defines it as the use of information technology to repeatedly harm or harass other people in a deliberate manner. “That may be posting rumors or gossip, but it can elevate to personally identifying victims and publishing material that defames and humiliates them.

This is SERIOUS!

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people according to the centers for Disease Control and Prevention. That’s about 4,400 deaths every year! And that doesn’t include the 440,000 suicide attempts that were unsuccessful.

4. Inhibits True Social Interaction

A study published in the journal Computers in Human Behavior, found that 6th graders who went five days without exposure to technology were significantly better at reading human emotions than kids who had regular access to phones, televisions and computers. It goes on to explain that this finding should be a wake-up call to schools to make sure they’re not just shoving iPads into student’s hands as a teaching method. Instead they need to make sure they’re getting real face to face social interaction and less screen time.

5. Poor Academic Performance and More Anxiety

Many schools ban students from bringing in cell phones. Since most cell phones are able to look up information online, and can double as calculators and cameras; the ways that a child can use them to their advantage are numerous. It seems that texting has become the new way to “pass notes” in the back of the class.

Even if your child isn’t cheating with his cell phone, if he or she is using it, then they are not listening to the teacher, therefore adding one more distraction to their learning experience.

Homemade Ice Cream(in a Bag) for Kids

Love ice cream? Homemade ice cream is delicious and surprisingly easy to make. Learn how you can make ice cream in a resealable plastic bag with ingredients already in your kitchen.

What You’ll Need
Ice Cubes
1 cup half and half
1/2 cup Kosher salt
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 pint-size ziplock bag
1 gallon-size ziplock bag
Any of your favorite ice cream mixins

Serves 1

Step 1 :- Measure ingredients

Picture of Measure IngredientsCombine the half and half, sugar and vanilla extract in the pint-size bag. Seal the bag tightly, so that none of the liquid will leak out.

Step 2 :- Prepare Ice bag

Picture of Prep Ice Bag

Fill the gallon-size ziplock bag halfway with ice cubes. Sprinkle Kosher salt over the ice cubes.

Step 3 :- Zipping bags

Picture of Zipping Bags

Insert the pint-size bag filled with ingredients into the bag of ice and salt. Seal the gallon-size ziplock bag. If the bag begins to leak, don’t hesitate double bagging it to reduce the mess

Step 4 :- Shake it up !

Picture of Shake it up!

Shake the bag for 5-10 minutes until the ice cream mixture begins to harden. Feel the small bag to determine the consistency of your ice cream. Once satisfied with the consistency, remove the small bag from the bag of ice.

Step 5 :- Enjoy !!

Picture of Enjoy

Open the small zip-lock bag and add any desired mixins that you want. I added raspberries to mine. Feel free to eat the ice cream right out of the bag or, if you prefer, scoop it into a bowl.



A child’s body gets all the sugar it needs from that naturally occurring in food. Added sugar just means a lot of empty calories that contribute to hyperactivity, mood disorders, and increase the risk for obesity, type 2 diabetes, and even suicidal behaviors in teenagers.

How to cut down sugar?

The American Heart Association recommends that sugar intake for children is limited to 3 teaspoons (12 grams) a day. A 12-ounce soda contains up to 10 teaspoons or 40g of added sugar, shakes and sweetened coffee drinks even more. Large amounts of added sugar can also be hidden in foods such as bread, canned soups and vegetables, frozen dinners, and fast food. In fact, about 75% of packaged food in the U.S. contains added sugar.

  • Don’t ban sweets entirely. Having a no sweets rule is an invitation for cravings and overindulging when given the chance.
  • Give recipes a makeover. Many recipes taste just as good with less sugar.
  • Avoid sugary drinks. Instead, try adding a splash of fruit juice to sparkling water or blending whole milk with a banana or berries for a delicious smoothie.
  • Don’t replace healthy sources of saturated fat with refined carbs or sugary snacks. It’s a mistake many of us make. Instead of letting our kids eat whole-fat yoghurt, for example, we offer them low-fat versions, not realizing they’re often packed with added sugar to make up for the loss of taste. Or we swap breakfast eggs for a pastry or muffin.
  • Create your own popsicles and frozen treats. Freeze 100% fruit juice in an ice-cube tray with plastic spoons as popsicle handles. Or make frozen fruit kabobs using pineapple chunks, bananas, grapes, and berries.

Genting Highlands

Genting Highlands is the perfect destination for kids to have moments of great fun. The outdoor theme park is the largest family attraction, offering recreational activities and amusement rides in a coo environment high up the mountain slopes. Parents and kids can explore over 50 types of fun rides. The rides include ferris wheel, trains, cars and ships that tumble through the air, swings etc. Boating, archery and go-karts are very interesting activities carried out there. Small concerts and performances by clowns and mascots provide a great entertainment package for kids.

At the lake, visitors can ride around on paddle boats, soaking in a view of the colourful surroundings. Several playpens around the amusement park, including a day center for kids, is where parents can leave small children to occupy themselves. Another activity for children is the Rainforest Splash Pool, an indoor heated water park that faces the Sungai Rejang Flume Ride and wave pool. There is also an indoor section of the theme park housed in the First World Plaza, which offer a smaller and much milder range of rides. Open daily from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., the Genting Theme Park opens earlier at 8 a.m. and closes as late as 10 p.m. on weekends and public holidays. Ticket prices begins from MYR38 for an adult day pass with unlimited rides, with two-day and express lane options.

So, if you are planning to go to Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), then don’t forget to take your kids to Genting Highlands for about 2-3 days. It is indeed the best destination where yor kids can create memories for a lifetime!

Family Box: Perfect Recreation Center for Kids

Family Box is something between an indoor playground and a kindergarten for children up to twelve years old, but it also accomodates their parents’ needs. It hosts different kinds of activities – from swimming, playing games to various classes ranging from music, dancing, crafting to cooking. Furthermore it has a big play frame, a reading area and a generous café area. Located at the outer corner of a park it is placed in a natural environment, which enhances the visibility of the building.

Despite the complex program another challenging part of this project was to deal with an existing structural system, column grid and also the building footprint.

Major design elements are shifting up and down floor plates and cut outs in the floor to allow views between the first and second floor.

The use of independent rooms in the shape of freestanding boxes allows the activities to run parallel and it offers the most suitable environment for each. The rooms have their own program or theme, they all differ from the outside space in terms of color and furniture.

The box locations are meant to break the rigid layout of the concrete columns, which is also camouflaged with a series of arches that give a different rhythm to the environment.

Visually, the common areas are treated with low contrast finishes in order to enhance and balance the space and equipments for the children.

The glass façade is wrapping all of the functions like a skin, following the given building perimeter. It has a printed pattern, which was developed out of simple single-line drawings made by children. They were modified into a pattern, the graphic motif is reversed: the background is white-translucent and the drawing is transparent. From far away the objects on the facade are recognizable; they indicate a building function related to children, fun and recreation.


Family Box China 9

Family Box China 2

Family Box China 8Family Box China 4

Family Box China 7


Scarves- The Perfect Accessory

There is no doubt that winter is the most fashionable season. We have a variety of pieces and combinations, from basic tones to bright and strong ones. Agreed?

But today let’s talk about one of the accessories that is a symbol of this season. Timeless and super versatile, it gives a modern and cool touch to everywhere you go. Our FK’s will inspire you to match new looks in different ways!

We’ve selected what we love, and each child is part of a unique context created to make our page more beautiful and generate a content that is rich in fashion and love!

Scarfs are our best friends during winter. Take it and use it freely as it’s an accessory that will make a difference in the eyes of those who like this child’s universe!