From the most traditional to the most complex in different styles, braids are among us for many years, originating in Africa, passing through ancient Greece and even in medieval and Renaissance paintings.

Unlike any ephemeral gender, each season in fashion campaigns and editorials, the braid gains strength because of its new formats and because of its lovers around the world.

The traditional braid is the most used and also the easiest to make, the simple act of split the hair in three parts and interlace them is a charm, and it’s the most practical option when you want to contain the unwanted strands that can bother our little girls! Combining with a bang ( for straight hair ), ponytails, accessories as little flowers, hats and even with a loose braid like in a Folk style.

French braid Fishtail is the name given to this braid, which uses just two layers, pulling the bottom of the hair through thin locks, joining in the middle. A stripped-down style for modern girls.

It’s been some time that headbands are booming, in the braids they get more natural, cornrows or rooted, the style matches with a romantic look.

The most difficult one is the crown braid style – are usually the rooted braids round the head. This hairstyle is that kind of hair that everyone is gonna notice! If your little one will be a bridesmaid, that’s a great and super chic idea!

Fine hair: Opt for braids that interlace at the top of the head or the traditional loose braid, to increase the volume, such as the headbands and the crown ones.

Thick hair: Always firm the layers while braiding, so it can decrease the volume. Prefer the French braid Fishtail, the truth is the girl with more hair has more options, and the effect will be more intense.







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