Baby Knee Pads: The Best way to prevent scrapes and bruises

Bloody knees?

baby-with-bloody-knees-from-crawling-on-tiles (1).jpg

A hard or rough floor can quickly bloody or bruise your baby’s knees as he crawls a few laps around your living room.

Because your baby’s skin is so soft and delicate it does not take much to mark it. Floors like marble and concrete pose a particular problem. Even carpet can rub your baby’s skin red raw. If you have ever had rug burn you will know just how much it sucks.

While your baby may not immediately realize just how sore his knees are, just wait until bath time. When those red and render knees hit the warm bath water your baby will definitely cry with pain.

So how do you stop this from happening?

How to protect your baby’s knees from hard floors


We put shoes on our baby to protect their feet but for some reason do not bother with their knees. Fortunately, there are a great range of knee protection products designed to keep your baby’s knees safe and comfortable while crawling around.



If your toddler is just learning to walk then chances are he will keep falling over, banging his knees on the floor. Knee pads will provide your little ones knees with a soft place to land each and every time he takes a tumble.

There are two different types of baby knee protection products available. They are as close to knee shoes as you will get:

1. Baby leg warmers


Baby leg warmers are essentially long socks with out feet. Yes, this means that leg warmers only provide as much knee protection as a thick sock.

There are numerous problems with using leg warmers as knee protection:

1. Less protection than knee pads: While they provide enough protection across wooden floors, you may still find that harder floors such as marble or concrete will bruise your little ones knees.

2. Can be slippery: Leg warmers also have the problem of slipping on smoother floors like marble. Your baby will look like he is dong the running man dance.

3. Often slide down: Unless the leg warmers sit incredibly tight you will find that they slide down your baby’s legs as he crawls around. If the leg warmers are not covering your baby’s knees then they certainly not protecting them.

If you want the best knee protection for your baby then you are better off going with:

2. Baby knee pads


For those of you with very unfriendly floors, baby knee pads are your best bet. The knees area is made of a thick padded material and provides your baby’s knees with the maximum protection possible.

Crawling in knee pads will take some getting used to it, since the extra padding on the knees places your baby’s legs at a slightly higher than usual position when crawling. Fortunately, the learning curve is fairly low and before long your baby will be scooting across even the roughest of terrain without cutting his knees.


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