Foods to Avoid with Braces

Braces can give you straight and attractive teeth. You need to take care of your braces so that they can work correctly. This means keeping them clean and in good shape. The foods that you eat can damage your braces over time.

Sticky Foods and Candy

You will want to avoid any sticky foods. This includes chewy candies and peanut butter. One reason is that these sticky foods can actually grip your braces and pull them off your teeth while you are eating. Sticky foods can cause a significant amount of damage in a short period of time. Another reason to avoid sticky foods is that they can cling to your teeth or get behind your braces. This can cause your teeth to rot. It also allows bacteria to grow around your braces. Bacteria can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.


Hard or Crunchy Foods

You must avoid eating hard or crunchy foods while you have braces. These are foods like potato chips and nuts. You should also avoid eating hard raw vegetables like carrots. Stay away from hard rolls and breads that have a tough crust. All of these hard foods will physically damage your braces. Biting into a piece of hard bread or a raw carrot can tear the braces off your teeth. Avoid any foods that are hard enough to push against your braces.


Tough or Dried Meats

You will want to avoid eating tough or dried meats. Dried meats such as beef jerky are hard on your braces. Do not eat large pieces of meat that have a tough texture. The meat contains a network of fibers that can wrap around your braces and damage them. The fibers could become caught underneath your braces. They could even damage the wires holding your braces in place. Avoid any dried meats and any meat that is very tough.

Sugary Foods

Stay away from sugary foods while you have braces. These are things like soda and candy. Most people know that sugary foods are bad for your teeth. They are even worse for your teeth when you have braces. The sugar in these foods can cling to your braces. It can fill the areas where your braces meet your teeth. The result is that the sugar will stay in contact with your teeth for a long time. This allows bacteria to form that will slowly wear down your tooth enamel and lead to tooth decay. Do not eat sugary foods with braces.

Acidic Foods and Drinks

Stay away from acidic foods and drinks while you have braces. These are things like tomatoes, salad dressing and soda. Steer clear of foods cured in vinegar like pickles. Do not eat large amounts of ice cream. All of these foods contain high levels of acid. The acid can start to damage your teeth. It also harms your braces. Too much acid can cause your braces to come loose. Keep the amount of acidic foods and drinks that you eat to a minimum until your braces are removed.


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