Sneakers (also known as athletic shoes, tennis shoes, runners, takkies or trainers) are primarily designed for sports or other forms of physical exercise. They have been evolved to be used for casual everyday activities. Sneakers are therefore, hands down, a footwear that every kid has in the closet. It is the best accessory for practice of sports, physical activities, to go to school, to the club, and to daily use.

Therefore, it is an essential item in every kid’s closet as comfort is a top priority in this age.

However, when it’s time for choosing a more sophisticated look, for a walk or a party, many girls insist in matching skirts or delicate dresses with sneakers.

Dresses and skirts teamed up with sneakers are give a super fashionable look, full of personality and style.

With skirt or dress, you can opt for traditional brands like Converse All Star, Superega which can be found in different colors, fabrics and prints.

The high-top sneaker may replace the boots, and matches very well with short skirts.The white sneaker is considered as one of the fashionista’s favorites.

So, try and adopt this trend as it is practical, comfortable and super stylish and, your daughter will definitely love it!

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  1. artsyfartsymamadeb says:

    Our little one used very nice white sneakers with her baptism dress. She had just started walking and instead of having her wear very expensive safe sandals or inexpensive unsafe sandals we figured it was best to put her in the nice white sneakers she was used to walking in for the ceremony. 🙂

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