Selecting the perfect haircut for your little boy can be a real task. You must choose the perfect hairstyle for your kid, as kids these days are getting serious regarding their look.

The razor part is the best and is trending nowadays as it gives a cool and trendy look.

Now, what is a razor part?

It’s nothing more than a side stripe, made with a razor. It has a retro style, as it divides the hair on the side of the head, highlighting the quiff.

It’s necessary to leave the sides low, as the “undercut”. Super versatile, all moms can leave it both dry and more loose or “wet” and tidy.

Famous in the 30’s, it’s coming back with everything in 2016. This haircut is indicated for parents who love spending time grooming their children, after all it requires greater care. We know that hair grows fast, so it’s always necessary to touch it up a little bit.

Below are some cool hairstyles to give your child a trendy look. Get inspired and try them out!

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