Adorable Hairstyles for Little Girls

Tired of the same boring hairstyles for your little girl? Amp up the creativity and be inspired by some of these cute, hip and totally wearable hairstyles for little girls. Customize the looks to make them your own and make your little girl the coolest on the playground.

 #1 Classic Cuteness
Braids and pigtails are things that adorable little girl hairstyles are made of! This sweet hairstyle has both and looks great on short or long hair.


How To Style:

  1. Part hair down the middle or to the side, depending on the look you want.
  2. French braid each side of the part down to the ear and then gather hair into a ponytail.

Recommended Products: Goody Hair Ties!

Best Face Shape and Hair Type:  All face shapes and hair types can enjoy braided pigtails, as long as the hair is long enough.

Tip: Use a comb to create your part line for a nice and crisp result.

#2 Curly Q

Adding just a few ribbons of curls elevates this medium length hairstyle from cute to super cute.


How To Style:

  1. Use a medium-sized curling iron throughout the hair. Feel free to have fun creating different textures, curling some tight curls and some loose.
  2. Use pins to pin hair up and back on the top to keep hair up and out of the face.

Recommended Products: Pureology Precious Oil is a great product to keep those curls looking shiny and sweet.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: All face shapes and thick, curly hair or hair that can be curled with an iron can wear this look.

Tip: Add some matching barrettes to really make her hair sparkle!

#3  Long Bob

A sleek long bob looks great on little girls who want to look a little more sophisticated.


How To Style:

  1. Part hair to the side and brush out.
  2. Use a flat iron to go through, section by section, and smooth hair out.
  3. Bevel the ends under to create a nice and polished finish.

Recommended Products: Redken Glass Serum will help add a little extra shine to straight strands.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Round and square shaped faces are ideal for this look. Most hair types can pull off this style as long as you are willing to spend some time flat ironing.

Tip: If you have kinky or frizzy hair, try blow drying hair strands smooth with a paddle brush first, then go in with a flat iron. It will make life a whole lot easier!

#4 Perfect Princess

This stunning updo is fit for a princess! Cute little curls are all pinned up for a special occasion.


How To Style:

  1. Curl the entire head of hair with a small or medium-sized curling iron.
  2. Loosely gather up curls and pin them up on the top first, then add other pieces gradually until you achieve the look you want.

Recommended Products: Circle of Friends Valerie’s Vanilla Freeze Hairspray will keep this sweet updo in place all day and night.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: All face shapes and hair types can wear a sweet version of this hairstyle.

Tip: Have your daughter get dressed first so you don’t ruin her hair while taking clothes off and putting clothes on.

#5 Cute Caitlin

Who remembers having blunt bangs as a child? This timeless style is super cute on kids who want to add a little framing to their face. These classic bangs are kept in a thickness proportional to the amount of overall hair. They are also rounded out slightly towards the temples to make them appear soft.


How To Style:

  1. Spray a good detangling spray on towel dried hair.
  2. Comb out any tangles and comb bangs straight down. Let hair air dry or use a blow dryer to remove moisture.

Recommended Products: Grab Paul Mitchell’s Lite Detangler spray for out of the shower combing time. The spray is super lightweight and also nourishes and conditions the hair as it’s absorbed. You can also spray it on dry hair when you’re in a pinch.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Bangs look great on round, pear, and some heart shaped faces. Girls with curly hair will not be able to have short bangs around their face, so make sure your daughter has pretty straight hair that will lay down nicely.  If your daughter has crazy cowlicks in the front you may not be able to get them to lay down, so always consult with a professional when cutting hair.

Tip:Bangs are a great idea for girls who have a ton of hair and like to wear it down all the time. Instead of watching them struggle trying to put hair behind their ears all the time, chop in some bangs for a light and easy feel.

#6 Ponytail Paige

Nothing is sweeter than your daughter’s beautiful face! Show it off by pulling hair up and out of her eyes and back into a fashion forward ponytail. Adding a section of hair at time to the ponytail creates a fun, caterpillar-like effect and is played up with colorful coordinating hair ties. This look is super cute for long or short hair and also great for all occasions.


How To Style:

  1. Take a small square section of hair on the top of the head and secure it with a hair tie about one to two inches away from the front hairline. Leave the hair from the crown and down out of the ponytails.
  2. Grab another square section of hair to the right of the section you just tied and include the hair from the first ponytail into another secured elastic.
  3. Continue adding more sections until you have a row of about three to five hair tied sections. It should look kind of like a connected train.
  4. When hair is back behind the ear, grab all the remaining hair that was left down and pull it over to secure as the last ponytail.

Recommended Products: If you are worried about flyaways or pieces falling out, you can choose to use a hairspray like JoiMist Medium Hairspray by Bel Air Beauty Joico.

Best Face Shape and Hair Type: Ponytails look great on everyone. If your child’s hair is too thin or fine it may not be able to create all of the sections, so medium to thicker hair is best.

Tip: This style is great for young girls who have lots of layers in their hair because the small, secured sections will keep the layers from falling out.



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