If there is a piece of clothing that every child should have, it is the legging pants.

Very popular in the 80’s, this model of pants portrayed the life at the gyms, dance, and all the fitness universe evidenced at that decade.

Fortunately, over the years, the pants has been renewed with new fabrics, new models, prints, gaining style and being featured in fashion productions, conquering  all age groups, especially children.

For the babies the legging pants is presented in the most comfortable way possible. Aways in pure cotton, it’s not so tight and has just a little bit of spandex. It’s an unisex piece that brings a comfort feeling and let the baby freed to move as he wants, a super important thing at this stage.

The girls can mix the legging pants with almost all kinds of tops, coats, cardigans, t-shirts, as well as matching it with skirts and dresses, using the legging pants as pantyhose. In other words, it is a versatile piece that  never goes out of fashion.

For the coolest boys, there are leggings with more thick or resistant materials that seems like jeans our denim.  The  look is a modern skinny pants with a rock’n’roll style.

New materials that  imitate leather, metallic, among others, are perfect for a tidy look. And all of this, without kneading, not being too tigh and letting the skin perspire, besides matching with sneakers, flip flops, boots and shoes.

When choosing one to call your own, look for a pair with  good material, those that do not age easy . Choose one with a beautiful cut and good finish, so it will be  never restricted as pants to wear at school, playgrounds and clubs.

Finally, always consider the kid’d personality. With creativity, you can create several styles, and get an appropriated appearance  for all the seasons  and occasions.


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