Outdoor Activities to Get Kids Out of the House This Summer

Craft With Seashells

Seashells make a great craft because they are inexpensive (or free) and the options are endless. Your tots can paint them, string them, or stack them. The only thing needed is some glue and a little creativity!

Make Designs With Body Paint

No need to head to the fair; have fun at home with body paint. Use a paint brush and glitter to draw their favorite designs.

Try a Bubble Paint Project

This time it’s OK for your child to blow bubbles in her drink! With only a few ingredients you probably already have around the house, your tot will make beautiful and dreamy bubble prints that turn into great book covers, handmade cards, or decorations for her room. Messy, yes, but that makes this project even more fun — and perfect for a sunny Summer afternoon.

Feed the Ducks

Pack up the kids, head to the park, and feed the ducks! With just a roll of bread, you and the kids are guaranteed endless entertainment, not to mention giggles. You can even make a half-day trip of it, packing a lunch and hanging by the playground.

Play Car Wash

A car wash is probably one of the few chores that can be turned into playtime. Get out the buckets, rags, and bubbles, and let them have fun with it. Reward them for their hard work with a few bucks or a trip to the candy store.

Make a Sundae Bar

Kick the kids’ sweet tooth into high gear with an ice cream sundae bar. All you need is a few flavors of ice cream and their favorite toppings, like Oreos, gummy bears, and sprinkles (of course!).

Plan a Treasure Hunt

Pull out the pirate hats and send them on a treasure hunt. Make a treasure map by staining the paper with coffee and burning the edges. Then, have a prize — gold coins — hidden at the end of the journey. Watching their excitement will be just as fun for you as it is for them.

Plan a Picnic

Pack for a picnic and head to the park; it’s time for an adventure! Between their favorite snacks and these picnic essentials, you’ll have a nice afternoon under the sun.

Ice Eggs

You can create a world of discovery for your tot with these ice eggs. The night before a warm day, simply fill a balloon with water and add in a small toy or two. Send the kids outside to examine them and see what objects they can find.

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    Hi KidsGallore,
    I wrote on this topic too before I became a blogging tips blogger. I recommended taking the kids to see the Lego Movie, LOL.
    Thank you so much for subscribing! Where did you find my blog? I always wonder. If you comment on my side, I can invite you to pin to our group Pinterest board.


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